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I cannot recommend Fran highly enough, I have done Pilates classes in the past but she is far and away the most lively , friendly, professional teacher I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable about how the body works, which I find interesting and very helpful and her classes are  always well thought out. I have felt so much better since I started her classes!


Since Fran started her Pilates classes, she has continually developed the exercises we do in class - I have found this very successful in maintaining my commitment and interest plus the challenges have been balanced and attainable.
In particular, after having had a hip replacement in Dec '18, Fran has been focused on helping my rehabilitation, resulting in a much quicker recovery than I dared hope for.

I was recommended Fran's class by a friend of mine following major back surgery. Fran was excellent and knowledgeable from the start and made sure she was fully informed of my condition and any limitations. The class is so welcoming, fun and relaxed. I am a 42 year old woman and I am not the youngest or the oldest in the class so it's a real mix.  Fran explains each exercise so well and helps if adjustments are needed. She is always mindful of my back and makes alternative suggestions to certain exercises. I have done two terms now and can definitely feel it has helped in my rehabilitation and rebuilding my strength, movement and confidence. Just signed up for Term 3! 

Can highly recommend!


As my seventieth birthday approaches I was beginning to think that for the rest of my life I was going to be in constant pain with increasingly restricted mobility. After remarkably few sessions with Francesca I am now almost completely pain free and with much better mobility, balance and more energy. Quite an amazing turnaround.


I started doing Pilates with Francesca a year ago. She is very knowledgeable and insures you won't do anything to worsen any problems you may have, whilst at the same time gently encouraging you to try doing a little more, so you build up strength, conviction in your own ability and flexibility. As someone with my share of joint and postural problems, I tend to be cautious about what I do, but Fran is making me see I can do more than I think! The lessons are really varied, which is great. Pilates helps me counteract sitting at a desk all day and keeps my back as flexible as it can be. I highly recommend Pilates with Fran to everyone, particularly if you have joint and muscular issues.



I started Pilates all most a year ago with Fran.  I’m one of those people who is always trying a new form of exercise but then stop going after a few months – but not this time – I love it!

Fran explains the exercises clearly and makes the classes fun – I look forward to going and have met lots of lovely people.  She always asks how we are at the start of the class and if any adaptations need to be made due to aches and pains or injuries.

Her classes have made a big difference to me personally; I have low back and leg pain and I know I need to keep moving and her classes have given me the confidence to know how to exercise safely at home and keep me mobile.

Fran’s classes have helped me to feel differently about myself and my body and I feel good!


Fran’s excellent Pilates programme offers a diverse range of stretches and exercises which has benefitted my body and well-being immensely.


I am in the older age bracket of Fran’s clients and attend Pilates classes with the objective of keeping reasonably fit and mobile.

Fran's classes offer a happy, safe and supportive environment.  The classes are varied and well planned with a range of challenges that reflect the continuous training Fran undertakes.


Fran’s class is a great way to relax, improve flexibility and suppleness in a non-competitive environment.  I find the focus on breathing very calming and always leave feeling taller with better posture than when I arrived.


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