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Pilates is for every body

Pilates really is for people from all walks of life – from those who don’t really consider themselves to be very physically active to those for whom sport and exercise plays a large part in their lives – there are many top athletes that rely on Pilates as a central part of their training regime.  Pilates focuses on the deep postural muscles building strength from within, concentrating on getting the body back into correct alignment.

I work closely with my clients in small groups ensuring close supervision whilst you exercise, using tactile corrections where necessary.  My aim is to help you gain a greater understanding of your body and achieve your longer-term goals.  

Specialist Qualifications

  • Low Back Pain

  • Osteoporosis & Bone health

  • managing chronic conditions

Spine Stretch Forward - to gently stretch the spine, vertebra by vertebra (at the Body Control Pilates studio, London)
Single knee fold - for pelvic stability (at the Body Control Pilates studio, London)

My Body Control Pilates matwork classes are based on the original classical exercises which have been broken down into their constituent parts so that the exercises can be taught safely and progressively.  Each class builds on your previous knowledge and experience, gradually developing your body awareness, increasing your strength and flexibility and improving posture and coordination.  This knowledge will assist you in your home practice and in your activities of daily living – so how to ease off your back after a couple of hours in the garden bending over and lifting containers (that you probably shouldn’t); aching necks and shoulders after a day spent hunched over a laptop; or a long afternoon spent in the car in traffic.  Pilates really can help your body cope better with all of these things.

Change happens through movement and movement heals

- Joseph Pilates

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